Problem with purely quantitative methods is whether enough detail information is obtain. whereas the representativeness of purely . In addition. the normative questions sampl and the degree to which the testers freely answer the questions were of great relevance for the further analysis and procures of the brand analysis. what’s the result. The results of brand analysis can be present with numbers. graphs or other visual aids. The aim here is to present the results of the brand analysis in a clear and understandable way.

Qualitative methods has to be question

So that relevant employees can quickly understand and use it.  measures to be implement quickly. Benefits of Brand Analysis What does the brand Bolivia Mobile Database actually convey and what does the target group really get from a particular corporate communication. What does private label represent and where is the potential for development. So what does a more successful brand positioning look like. These questions can be clarifi after a successful market analysis. It is often us as a starting point for successful brand management to identify undesirable developments. counteract them and or continue to strengthen the brand. Brand analysis often forms the basis of a successful brand strategy. They reveal what the company already owns.

This enables target brand management

About the brand while providing the basis for WS Phone List defining brand values.  includes conditional. long-term and global action plans to achieve brand goals. The main goal of brand strategy is the development and increase of brand value. which can be defin as the strategic and financial value that a brand can bring to a company. High brand value brings the following advantages to the company; on the one hand. a strong brand has a positive impact on price. resulting in potentially higher market prices. In addition. a high brand value can ruce the cost of entry because the brand Already has a high degree of recognition. Additionally. a strong brand increases the likelihood of brand transfer. allowing.

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