The fact is that there is a metric that we should also take into account and that unfortunately, few advertisers take into account when optimizing their business ACOS. If we group the three metrics, we could draw a conclusion that encompasses them. The three help us to know if our campaign is being profitable, either in one way or another. And this, of course, is the main objective of any Commerce campaign. By the way, if you manage an eCommerce, surely you are also interest in reading this article on the techniques to improve conversion in an eCommerce. But what really is ACOS and why is it so important? Table of Contents.

Clients take into account the percentage

The ACOS Advertising Cost of Sales metric, which became Fiji Email List popular thanks to Amazon Ads, tells us the percentage of profits that go to our advertising campaigns. Are you understanding? If you think about it, this metric is really interesting, but few advertisers and clients take into account the percentage of profits that go to advertising. And based on this metric, many things can be optimized that, if not taken into account, would completely escape us. We forgot If you have an eCommerce and have ever considered advertising to increase your sales on the Amazon Ads platform , click here. Now, let’s see the formula to calculate ACOS Accused Spend Sales Value Generated since.

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The examples to the mud and understand

I started in the world of digital marketing, I understood WS Phone List that the best way to understand things is through examples . I love to lower the examples to the mud and understand the problems from the root. In my personal opinion, I will say that this is one of the best ways to learn. For this reason, I will leave an example below so that you can finish visualizing more clearly this strange formula that you are reading and that so few know. Example We manage the campaigns of a recognized eCommerce. We have invested , this month, and we have generated income of , , investment, income xIn other words, we have investedof the profits we have generated in Google Ads campaigns.

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