A Critical Point the word “dovecote” for “box” and the word “dove” for “object”, this ” Schubfachprinzip ” would look like this: If you want to store a certain number of objects in a certain number of drawers, the number of drawers being less than the number of objects, more than one object will necessarily be locate in the same drawer. It’s still a really simple principle, but when thinking about drawers it might be easier to extrapolate it to other areas like business strategy or decision making.

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Some examples How many socks are neee to make a pair? In the event of storing the socks individually (without linking each one to its partner) in one of the drawers of the nightstand, to use them you would have to take two, one for Ecuador Mobile Database each foot. In this case, the socks are of two different colors-black and white-and the protagonist gets A Critical Point up so early that he doesn’t want to turn on the light so as not to wake up his partner. If there are 20 black socks and 13 white ones, (one of them lost his partner), what is the minimum number.

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Socks that must be taken every morning to ensure that, when leaving the beroom, it will be possible to wear a pair of the same color?from the minimum WS Phone List of 0 hairs to the maximum of 150,000 hairs. If Spain has a population of around 46 and a half million inhabitants and you want to distribute those inhabitants among the drawers, by Dirichlet’s principle it can be ensure that, indee, there are two people with exactly the same number of hairs.


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