Would rise to 10.7 million tons. Reuse and recycling of household waste The quantifie objective of 50 is establishe for the preparation, reuse and recycling of recyclable fractions from household waste before 2020. It is important to note that Spain recycle, in 2011, around 30 of household waste between separate collection, mechanical biological treatment and subsequent recycling, and energy recovery incineration . Taking this 30 as a reference.

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The Ministry considers it essential to promote actions that allow recycling to be increase by 20 percentage points, until reaching 50 in 2020. Quite a challenge. In this area, according to the data that the Ministry notes Lithuania Mobile Database in the PEMAR, 82 of municipal waste is still collecte in a mixe way. Of this waste, 13.3 would be light packaging; 13.9 , paper and cardboard; 4.8 , glass containers; and 47 , organic matter. In order to progress towards the fulfillment of objectives.

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It is necessary to capture these materials by reinforcing the existing separate collections and implanting them in those places and WS Phone List materials for which they do not exist. If we go back to the Ministry’s data, to comply with the Union’s demands it would be necessary to increase the net recycle volume by 1.7 million tons of bio waste; 1.16 million tons of paper and cardboard; 0.52 million tons of glass; 0.78 million tons of plastics; 0.23 million tons of metals; and 0.11 million tons of bricks.


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