Training and developing the skills of employees is facilitat by quizzes, video lessons, tests and courses model on messages in social mia (microlearning).However, it must be remember that it can grow to a very unprofitable amount in large organizations that employ thousands of employees, because the cost of using this type of software usually depends on the number of users.

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Imagine that 5,000 people work in your company, and access to the intranet for each of them costs 10 euros (the prices of some Canada Mobile Database complex systems can reach even several dozen euros per person). The monthly expenses in this scenario are significant. On the other hand, a solution built from scratch for your company is a large onetime investment that, in the long run, may turn out to be more profitable than a subscription. Upgrade and maintenance price.

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The price of maintaining and updating the intranet platform cannot be forgotten. When it comes to SaaS systems, these tasks are WS Phone List left to. The provider, so users are not expos to additional costs. In the case of a personaliz intranet, it is the. Responsibility of the company that uses it to maintain it. This requires additional expenses, such as having a permanent. Team that will take care of the intranet portal or cooperation with external specialists. Only in this way, however, it is possible to build the best intranet software tailor to the nes of the organization.

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