Need To And means that issues such as retirement by age will have to be considere, as well as the projection of applicants. While it is true that, in some cases, this time horizon is extende to 10 years , it is considere more realistic to shorten this a manager with extensive experience in the company. On the other hand, and beyond seniority, the worker’s engagement with the company must also be assesse. Evaluate the link to the property . In some cases, the directors are linke to the property of the company, forecast to what is essential, unless ownership and management coincide. In any case, and from experience, succession plans that are excessively long in time can be counterproductive and unrealistic.

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Normally, in family businesses, the succession at the top is determine by the most capable children or, failing that, by some in-law . In these cases, where the core of the issue is usually in the executives or middle managers . It would then Costa-Rica Mobile Database be necessary to adopt a succession plan where, taking into account the family factor, replacements are sought in the other positions. It is possible, however, to do so Need To And without major problems. However, in companies with the largest volume of workers and capitalization.

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A series of objectives are establishe

Where ownership is disassociate from management , achieving the renewal of management cadres is a necessity. As John Kenneth Galbraht pointe out in his day, the Need To And technostructure of the companies is what makes the. A relevant decisions WS Phone List and the Boards of Directors, in any case, give the go-ahead later. The advantage is that the decisions, although with the inherent limitations of the human factor, tend to be more technical and strippe of personal issues.


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