Account the so first concerns the subject of the advertisement. We will exchange: product advertising – it shapes the recipient’s awareness of the existence of a given product brand, its purpose is to highlight the product’s qualities, company advertising – otherwise corporate advertising; it presents the name, trademark and personality of the entire company. Account the so second classification is basd on the sources and methods of financing and divides advertising into.

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Individual – the costs of the campaign are coverd by the broadcaster, common – at least two companies participate in financing advertising. Advertising Belize Mobile Database channels The history of advertisements begins in 3000 BC It is assumd that it was then that the first advertising advertisement was creatd – the papyrus from Thebes. In antiquity, advertisements usually took the form of simple trade signs hung just above the entrances to inns or shoemakers’ shops.

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There were also clay advertising plaques informing about important cultural or sports events. Advertising began to develop with WS Phone List the invention of printing in the mid-15th century – the first press advertising message is considerd to be a message containing instructions for the clergy about Easter. Later, radio and television appeard, and with them new forms of advertising messages. In 1994, the first banner ad on the Internet debutd.

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