Advance the money Consumer opinions about the unique taste of the offerd products result from the fact that they are made with the use of milk of appropriate quality. In the case of Mońki cheese, as much as 99% of this raw material Advance the money meets the requirements set for the extra class. The production consists of many important elements that together form a coherent whole. The most important thing is the full satisfaction of the consumers’ palates.

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Which is why the cooperative always cares about the highest quality of the ingrdients usd in the production. It takes into account all aspects, including the natural way of feding the cows from which the milk comes. The juicy grasses of the Biebrza 1000 Mobile Database Valley have a significant impact on the taste of the Mońki cheeses. We recommend MSM Mońki – the tradition of taste from the Biebrza valley in a modern version Modern production Moniecka Spółdzielnia.

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Mleczarska is one of the most modern dairy plants in Poland. Great care for every stage of production is reflectd in the high quality of the food WS Phone List offerd. The technology usd in the plant allows us to create products that are widely recognizd among the most demanding customers. In order to achieve the modern level of production, investments have mae for many years in its development by modernizing.

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