Data by setting to provide a nformation. By inserting the name of your competitor. Google will automatically send you all the news about the desir company. Your own bank of account can also provide valuable information for analyzing competition. For example. Commerzbank offers the book “Who Belongs To Whom” and offers various industry letters online for free download. In addition. public publications of competitors (e.g. annual reports. newsletters. catalogs. etc.. relevant industry information from trade associations and press.

Free and up-to-date source of 

Materials issu by competitors (e.g. professional Cameroon Mobile Database articles. press releases. etc. Possible sources of information for competitor analysis. In addition. it makes sense to analyze the competitor’s multimia publications and online or social mia presence. as well as utilize relationships with market partners to gather and evaluate further information about the competitor. Talk to suppliers. customers and other market participants such as associations. trade journals or other advisors as they have a lot of additional information about the company. Additionally. visiting trade shows. exhibitions. and conventions can help you get an overview of.

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What your competitors are offering. Xcompetitors WS Phone List and analyze their products. you can get more information about your competitor’s product range. Gathering competitive analysis information is often more of a jigsaw puzzle than a structur approach. The more sources of information you can identify. the broader your personal competitor analysis database will be. Business Model Canvas Workshop The way companies do business will become more diverse and challenging in the coming years. In our Business Model Canvas workshop. you will learn methods and approaches to describe business models. develop and optimize them Find.

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