Tender – this solution is address rather to public institutions and corporations. It allows you to select the best offer. Step 3. Define the business goals that the website resign should meet As mention above, it is important to know the reasons why you want to resign. If you are able to define business goals, it will not only help you focus more on the project itself, but also make it easier to measure the effects.

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At this stage, ask yourself a few questions: What does your business ne? What is your website missing at the moment? What goals are Bulgaria Mobile Database you trying to achieve by resigning your website? Identifying all the factors is probably not always easy, but knowing them will help you succe. Here are some examples of goals that a properly conduct website resign should achieve: increasing website traffic.

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Optimization of time spent on the website, increasing the number of new leads, increasing the average order value, increase in WS Phone List conversions. It is worth remembering that many of the above factors influence each other. Step 4. Understand the user path Each user visits your website for a specific purpose and – just like a customer of a brick-and-mortar store – goes through a certain path to achieve this goal.

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