Analysis Has Never of energy efficiency in heating and cooling processes and accounting for domestic hot water, heating and cooling consumption. The Royal Decree Project focuses only on large companies, leaving small and meium size companies out of its scope. Establishes the obligation to carry out an energy audit before December 5, 2015 . After this, companies are require to carry out at least another audit every four years from the previous one.

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The text establishes the requirements that audits must meet, such as being base on reliable and up to date data or covering an examination of the energy consumption Analysis Has Never profile of buildings, facilities and internal means of transport. It also Cambodia Mobile Database orders the creation in the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of an Administrative Registry of Energy Audits and establishes an inspection system for them. On the other hand, it regulates the conditions and requirements that must be observe for the accreitation of energy service providers and energy auditors.

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Creating an accreitation system. This system becomes a key point for a transparent and quality oriente market to function correctly in Europe. Accreitation is an international tool to generate trust towards verifiers and their WS Phone List performance, in Analysis Has Never any activity. The value of an evaluation system depends, to a large extent, on the trust and creibility grante by the market, and in general by society, to said verifiers.

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