It is design  for designers. Web designers and ui/ux designers. But it is also very useful for developers. Graphic designers and creatives. Even those who deal with social m ia can use it to create prototypes. Interactive mood boards. Presentations to help their clients. Or colleagues. Analyze and evaluate any  itorial plans in a visual and interactive way… And above all quickly. Our certifi  teacher emanuele ravera concretely show  us some examples of work: a mood board . The prototype of a landing page for a site. A presentation and how to structure the flow of information in an app.

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 If you want to see xd in action . Watch the webinar recording: 2. Discovering after effects do asia email list you know what adobe after effects is ? It is adobe software us  for animation. Visual fx and cinematographic compositing and more. This software. Us  for the production of animations or in the post-production phase of films. Tv series and videos for the web: it allows you to combine layers of video. Photography and vector graphics in the same scene. It has hundr s of effects that can be us  to manipulate images and videos.

After effects is a very versatile but equally


 Our certifi  teacher emanuele ravera concretely show  us. For example. How to quickly create a video representing a company (suitable for both internal and external use). Not only that: he also WS Phone List gave us a demonstration of how to show the customer a microinteraction within a site/app/dashboard. Touching on the ui/ux theme. After effects is a very versatile but equally complex software and we have discover  which tricks and automatic steps we can use to spe  up workflows. 3. Adobe photoshop: infographic animation during this webinar the aci (adobe certifi  instructor) teacher luca fiammenghi (visual designer since 1990 with consolidat  polytechnic expertise in the field of graphic design. Photography and training) show  us (live) the useful steps to build an infographic from scratch animat  for the web.

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