One of his seniors invited him to participate in the Global Game Jam held by ITB. At the event, Bintang and his team conducted a three-day gaming competition at ITB. At the time, Bintang was working as a game designer, where his job was to design levels, mechanics, and user experiences to make games fun and addictive. Entering his first tournament, Bintang discovered the excitement of creating the game itself. While Bintang continued his studies as a computer science student at Brawijaya University, he and his three friends furthered their experience by participating in game-making competitions .

Again Although Bintang and

The others did not win and could only advance to the finals, another good opportunity came to the four of them. Bintang and his friends were invited without screening to join the Raion community, a dedicated mobile and game development community at Brawijaya University. Bintang and his friends gained this convenience by participating in the competition. Bintang’s achievements whatsapp number list shine even brighter when he becomes a member of the Raion community. He and his team won first place in the student category in a game production competition called “Data Games” organized by the Indonesian Games Association and the Goethe-Institut. After that, the Bintang team received an incubation fund of Rp. 20,000,000.00 and completed the work in two months. Not only did Bintang emerge as a prominent member, he was later entrusted to become the Vice .

Chairman of the Raion community

 He has a responsibility to develop talent within the community and help facilitate members’ comfort in developing themselves within the organization. As a true game enthusiast, Bintang who successfully completes the challenge of a certain level will definitely continue his fighting  WS Phone List journey to the next level. The gaming world has become something familiar to Bintang because he has conquered it. Then Bintang felt he had to move to the next level by learning new things. By the way, Raion Community works with Google DSC. There, Bintang met Bangkit for the first time. Although the learning materials provided by Rise are nothing new to Bintang, a computer .

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