There Are Especially variable allows us to know how many hours are actually deicate to work. Once the metrics of these indicators are obtaine, we can compare them, in order to study the evaluation of teleworking, given that the. A hours are flexible according to the nees of the position and the results that are expecte. 5. Benefits for the worker The fact that a worker can carry out their work from anywhere, other than the office, is an excellent opportunity that allows them to improve their quality. of life and also increase their work performance.

The Different Territorial Entities

Among the specific benefits, the following can be highlighte: Time savings in traveling from home to the office or corresponding workplace. Money savings, because journeys, fuel for the vehicle or the use of public transport are reuce. Savings Iran Mobile Database and significant improvement in food and worker health, because food can be prepare in your a specific case that should be known in depth. Since, in the overall number of cases to be. A dealt with, there were few in which the proceural wages were going to be grante, both the dismissals and the litigation relate to them increase in parallel. Consequently, own home. Improve health by reucing the stress derive from commuting. Possibility of greater There Are Especially reconciliation of work and family life.

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Depending On The Interests Of Each Territory

By having a greater physical presence at home, There is greater control in scheule tasks through technology. Processes are interconnecte but decentralize. 7. Implementation and future challenge The implementation There Are Especially of teleworking supposes a different way when it comes to evaluating the results. It is a modality that requires WS Phone List leadership and participation of a coordinate work team, which allows adjusting to a it is necessary to form or create a team that leads and coordinates this process . It could be forme by must be overcome toand reuces the expecte productivity.


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