Since, from anonymity, workers also feel freer to express what their true opinions are. It may also be advisable to put a suggestion box in the company, so that workers can contribute their own ideas. Valuing the opinion of employees is another very important value proposition for workers. The value proposition is a business tool that an organization uses taking into account the demands of the employees and also the circumstances of the labor.

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Social context so that these advantages are inserte in a realistic scenario. From this contextualization, empathy also increases. Why is it important to apply this tool Because the work environment has become one of the most important value Brazil Mobile Database propositions for workers, who link this aspect with the happiness of going to the office every day and enjoying the workday, base on their own professional development.

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It is also linke to health, since the stress and dissatisfaction derive from a lousy work environment become a burden of chronic dissatisfaction, which can even cause physical discomfort and affect personal life. Internal communication and WS Phone List the role of the leader are very important to transmit a value proposition to the workers, since what is not communicate can go unnotice by the workers. And, if this happens, it is as if that competitive difference did not exist.


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