LEGO LEGO the movie trailer (.thelegomovie) LEGO is a . that has won the hearts of children for many decades and still no brand can overthrow the throne Suddenly rose up to revolutionize the toy industry from ordinary bricks to create a movie by bringing the story from various famous movies to make a movie call “LEGO the Movie” that debut in without selling any products. at all Just bring the personality (Character) of the next character to create a story.

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It can be call waking up the wasp to life. And can attract children from all over the world to watch LEGO movies, not only children but also their Austria Mobile Database parents. After watching the movie, it caus the children to buy a lot of LEGOs, resulting in a % increase in sales and full brand awareness. “Real Beauty Sketches” and ShowUs Project by Dove Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think (.dove) The thing is, we’ve all seen mia that portray good looks. The beauty of the ad presenter and admire how beautiful they are.

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Until becoming an image that only WS Phone List beautiful people can be a model, a presenter, or get on the cover of a magazine. Becomes looking at the value of their own beauty less. I think I’m not beautiful It has become a popular belief that beauty can lead to a better life, more confidence and more job opportunities, so Dove came up wn call “Real Beauty Sketches” to test this hypothesis. They hir Gil Zamora, an FBI forensic scientist train in drawing sketches of people’s faces, to draw the first sketch bas on the women’s facial descriptions. Seat behind a curtain.

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