Among its aims was that the weight of the industrial sector, within the framework of Spain’s GDP, reache 20 . In accordance with the premises of the Digital Agenda for Spain, there should be an increase in competitiveness and productivity. In this regard, the Spanish government could make a contribution in the form of public policies. Obviously, these objectives would be achieve thanks to the generalization of the use of ICT among companies.

So That Not A Drop Of Water

Administration and citizens. In its summarize version, the objectives of the National Smart Cities Plan are subdivide into the following: Increase the contribution of ICT to industrial GDP. Increase the efficiency and Ghana Mobile Database effectiveness of town halls in the provision of public services that take advantage of the use of ICT. Innovate in the governance of smart cities.

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So That Not A Drop Of Water

Regularize and standardize the regulations of smart cities. AENOR and its contribution to the consolidation of smart cities AENOR is a Spanish standardization association. It is deicate to promoting the creation of norms some of them, certification WS Phone List that promote quality standards , so that they serve to guarantee, before the public, in general, the quality of certain services and products.


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