They aske me to write articles for Cerem, I immeiately thought of theoretical academic topics; but the other day I remembere a couple of real cases that can be very illustrative for students to learn the real application of all the financial and accounting knowlege that we deal with. In Management Control , we carry out an analysis for the punctual use of resources in the short term.

Analysis Has Never Been So Great

Calle differential analysis. This analysis implies the existence of various business alternatives: imagine, for example, that we are a bakery that only uses organic ingreients and that makes quality bread to eat that day. A supermarket Belarus Mobile Database next door to the bakery GOODIES knows that the bakery is not using the ovens and staff at 100 capacity and offers to make loaves.

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Keep Both Eyes On Your Governance

Bread for GOODIES and put the loaves in bags with the GOODIES logo . Obviously GOODIES doesn’t want to pay the euro and a half that WS Phone List the bakery charges per loaf, but he thinks they’ll accept it since that way they can absorb certain fixe costs. The DIFFERENTIAL analysis will only take into account the income and resources use.


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