Description of benefits and features Provide the reader with a concise and compelling description of what you offer. Explain how this can solve a problem or fill a specific need. 3. Call to action (CTA) It must be clear, visible and persuasive. Use a prominent button or link that tells the visitor what to do, for exampl . Testimonials It is an element of trust, so visitors can feel more secure based on the experienc. Of others who have already tried the product or service. 5. Section This part seeks to build trust and credibility with visitors, includes information about your company, its history, values ​​and experience.

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Price and guarantees Put the price of what you offer and the offer you are giving. Also, there must be guarantees, which provide the user with greater confidenc and help them to dispel any doubts or concerns. Frequently asked questions They Spain Business Email List address the most common doubts and concerns that visitors may have. These questions are often related to product features, payment options, delivery times, or warranties. 8. Data capture form Include a form where you only ask for necessary information and in return offer an additional benefit to motivate them to fill out the form.

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Footer or footer Here is the contact information, links to privacy policy pages, terms and conditions and social media profiles. chatgpt use Suggested GPT Chat Commands to create a landing page Here are some of the GPT Chat commands you can use to design your own landing page. sections Commands for GPT Chat Define target audience What kind WS Phone List of people are interested in buying (description of your service or product). Differentiators Name a list of differentiators of my business from (describe your business). landing page Headline Pretend you’re a copywriting expert and write a headline for a (your product or service) landing page . Which differs from the competition in (your differentiator).

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