We can also show you our previous similar projects, and tell you about the process of our possible future cooperation in the context of communication ( we work in SCRUM , which translates into benefits for your project). It is important for us that after the meeting you know the answers to all questions and know how we would implement your project after establishing cooperation.

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Determining the next steps of the customer journey Each project is different. Therefore, each requires a personaliz approach. Therefore, if necessary Hong-Kong Mobile Database and bas on the previous meeting, we establish a plan of further action. For example, it may turn out that in addition to taking standard steps in accordance with the scheme describ here, we will want to talk to your employees who will ultimately use the new functionalities.

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The knowlge gain from them can be an important variable in the process of project implementation. On the other hand, the extra time can also be useful for you if you want to ask our specialists questions about the website from the WS Phone List customer’s perspective. 5. Meeting with developers or defining the scope of the project Organizing a meeting with programmers is one of the most important moments in the customer journey. Developers will have to translate your goals into a programming language.

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