Everything was fine, it seem like an ordinary day; Suddenly, I thought and said to myself: what would happen if a bomb explod in this busy place? How would the people have react? What scenario would this attack have in store for us? Like many people, according to our ucation, customs and idiosyncrasies, it is logical to think about misfortunes; but fundamentally in the culture of fear that humanity considers as a pandemic . On the one hand, man has seen how this distressing disturbance of the spirit takes over the human species, subjecting it to certain religious, cultural, political and social aspects, achieving its purposes.

Hordes Even Though He

 On the other hand, this innate feeling, as experts warn, has increas due to the disastrous reality and misfortunes that we experience in the world. In this sense, I consider that the culture of fear is us by the great governmental powers in order to control the populations, at will. For a long time now, several countries around the world have promot and endors the culture of fear . We can mention, for business lead example, how Israel, recipient of military aid from the Unit States, instills drastic policies not only in its inhabitants in general, but also in children, telling them that they are victims of the Palestinians and the Arabs, since these are their bitterest enemies.

Only Saw the First Evil

 Likewise, religion and pseudo-superiority also encourage this type of action, which leads to a submissive population, cow by so much perpetual horror and misfortune. On the other hand, if we refer to tragic events, mark by history, we mention the attacks on the twin towers, social or mass psychology, economic policies, terrorism, trash television,why do people from different latitudes despair in the face of unusual events? Don’t they know that States take advantage of these ominous spaces to WS Phone List manipulate society or make unpopular reforms? Why do we easily allow ourselves to be bow down by the suction cups of dread? Well, the intention is clear: to force the approval of a series of reforms that respond to the interests of the great powers or governments, and this is where fear takes root like an incurable and fulminating cancer.

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