You will also find out if the website itself has any errors. An example of such a task could be asking a select group to buy a given product on your website (if you offer products for sale) and watching how the command is carri out. Thanks to this, you can check whether the user is lost, where he has the greatest problem, whether he is distract by something, etc.

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Remember not to overdo it with too many tasks, because it may frustrate the testers, which will translate into worse test Finland Mobile Database results. It is worth using available tools such as Hotjar or Lucky Orange. These types of applications allow you to identify problems and quickly optimize them. They visualize how users use your website. Bas on the collect data, heatmaps are creat showing the most and least us elements of the website.

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Rewriting components to a modular

Set up a website resign strategy Before you start the design phase. It is worth defining the strategy you will follow. Setting WS Phone List up a plan will definitely make the whole process easier for you. The website resign strategy includes a new sitemap, communication, user flow and keyword research. What should you include in your website resign strategy? A new sitemap – the audit probably includ various subpages – some of them achiev their goals very well, some maybe no one visit, and others probably no longer serve any purpose.

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