Technical SEO , or of a website, is about writing SEO-friendly code to spe up. Loading of website pages. which affects the ranking of websites on Google Content Marketing. This era is the era of content creation. Which making good contents will be able to attract consumers. Or groups of customers to be interest in our company as well. Good content can create awareness. Attract interest people through various channels. Help complete the marketing more perfect. and have the opportunity to eventually convert into customers, such as blog writing writing content on blogs.

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Whether it’s a company or an individual will create us to become experts in that subject create cribility and help create website visitors Create opportunities for visitors to become customers for the sales team. Making E-books and Whitepapers that are long content can help create interest in learning about our business Create an opportunity to exchange Ivory-Coast Mobile Database information with interest people. making infographics making the text into an eye-catching image It is one of the methods us by many companies. and can generate more website visitors Marketing via social mia (Social Mi.

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The use of social mia is one of the most effective channels for disseminating information in this era. Build awareness quickly, such WS Phone List as Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn, Instragram, and finding a platform that can connect socially. All mia us and share information at the same time It will save more time. Pay Per Click (PPC) The form of Pay Per Click is to create website visitors through various advertisements. With a form of payment if there is a click on that link What we hear familiar is Google Ads, but there are many other platforms that can use the Pay Per Click format, such as.

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