TypeScript is a programming language and a superset of JavaScript that adds static typing. Thanks to Node.js , JavaScript can be us as a server language. TypeScript too. However, in the case where both the frontend and backend are creat in TS, the static typing mention above allows us to create interfaces that we use on both sides of the barricade.

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Which consequently ensures data consistency and better validation. Market Although TypeScript is still less popular than JavaScript, it is gaining Henan Mobile Database more popularity than JS relatively year by year. This is also follow by a larger community that provides new solutions. One of them is the valu Angular framework, which was written in TypeScript and using it requires writing code in this language.

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A library for data validation and better definition was also written in TS. Compatibility TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. Which WS Phone List means that most JS code should work without problems in TS as well. However, due to the additional features of TypeScript, such as static typing, developers must be aware of the differences between these languages ​​to avoid potential errors.

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