Attendance Must the webse of the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB). How savings works Savings is one of the oldest investment modalies in Brazil, which makes better known and brings a certain secury to those who want to invest their money. In addion, is covere by the Cre Guarantee Fund (FGC) or, in the case of cooperatives, by the Cre Cooperativism Guarantee Fund (FGCoop), which ensure deposs of up to BRL 250,000 per investor, if the financial instution is unable to honor s commments. Check out other features: No reemption grace period.

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No minimum lim for inial application; Free movement of small or large amounts; Exempt from Income Tax and Tax on Financial Operations (IOF) for non-prof individuals and legal enties. Currently, most financial instutions offer Qatar Mobile Database this type of investment. Since, by law, the remuneration model has to be the same in all cooperatives and banks. However, some enties run occasional promotions, such as Sicoob, for example, which has the Premiada Savings in effect.

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Next, see how the action works. Premium Savings The promotion, which is being carrie out by Banco Cooperativo Sicoob SA, in partnership wh the National Confeeration of Cooperatives of Sicoob, will raffle more than R$ 1 million in WS Phone List savings vouchers. According to the regulation, in order to participate, members must increase the amount of R$ 200 (and s multiples), effecte in the balance of an active savings account at Banco Sicoob. For every BRL 200 depose in the Sicoob savings account, the member gets a lucky number to compete for more than BRL 1 million in savings vouchers.


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