The products. The target audience is not so concerne about prices, but about having a product that meets their quality nees. In general, these are brands deicate to a unique and very specific niche and that position themselves as specialists in a certain product. Example : high end watch brands, such as Rolex , would fall within this type of brand positioning. The client who comes to her is not looking for just any watch, but one that offers the best quality.

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By value or price It is about offering a high value product to the user. Its price is value. This strategy can be carrie out in two ways : with high Oman Mobile Database end products , in which quality and customer service are essential; or with products of a lower quality , but with a good value for money. Examples : in the case of high end products, Apple would position itself as one of the reference companies.

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Thanks to its high quality products and its repair and customer service. Inditex would be at the other extreme and would postulate itself as WS Phone List a brand that customers who nee a meium quality product at an affordable price come to . for benefit Here the most rational part of the client is appeale to, a product is presente to him and he is convince.


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