Brand awareness to a certain extent. And customers want to know more about our products. Therefore, as a brand, it should arouse customer interest by making customers say “Wow”, making the brand attractive to customers. Good memories are link. Generate consideration in the brand The point of touch of customers in this second phase is the beginning of interest in the brand. connection with past memories and start considering that brand Ask about the product (Ask) When customers are interest in what the brand has to say Until wanting to find information or learn more about products or services There will be inquiries about the product from friends, family or anyone who knows the product.

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May be found in the thread or various Honduras Mobile Database reviews through websites or social mia for information for final consideration Brands should focus on every channel. both online and offline Because sometimes customers may want to talk to the sales team either over the phone. or going directly to ask for details at the store The third phase of the customer’s touchpoint is product or service information presentation. Read reviews online Connecting with brands both offline and online and may try to use the product or service Make a purchase decision Act.

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At this stage, customers are persuad by WS Phone List various information. that the brand has communicat to make customers interest and ask or search for information until it becomes a purchase decision to always create good memories for their customers. The point of contact of customers in this fourth phase is the purchase of goods or services online. or through the store and after sales service Support (Advocacy) When a customer becomes a brand loyal customer who have receiv good experiences and memories from that brand Until repeat purchases and finall.

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