Customers are satisfi with their products or services. Which ne to take care of customers throughout the process from before the sale during sale Including after sales and even if you deliver a good product or service But what if you forget other important details that the customer becomes frustrat or dissatisfi? It can cause negative effects on your brand as well. Paying attention to the customer touchpoint will give you insight into how to satisfy your customers. Complete all the points for a great experience with your brand. What is a Customer Touchpoint.

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The term Customer Touchpoint is the customer’s point of contact with your brand. Or you communicate your brand through various mia Ghana Mobile Database to customers. From beginning to end, for example, customers find your business online, advertise, visit your website. Seeing from a shop (Shop) or a customer service center (Customer Service), which can say that the customer’s touch point with your brand. It can happen before, during and after the purchase of goods and services. By which you will be able to identify various touch points. it is necessary to create Customer Journey Map to ensure that customers will be satisfi at every point along the journey.

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Contact points Before purchase WS Phone List touchpoints website Social Mia Reading Customer Reviews or Testimonials Directory of products Advertise both online and offline. promotional promotion public relations different forms of marketing shop, department store Advertise in a shop or department store. word of mouth Events held in shops or department stores content creation through various mia Participating in various community-bas activities Points of contact during the purchase (During Purchase) Websites (E-Commerce) Showroom or shop format Product demonstration video.

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