Belarus which many newspapers additionally have their e-ditions, which significantly increases the reach of publishd advertisements. The shortcomings of press advertisements are considerd to be: the short life cycle of a newspaper (especially daily newspapers) and the declining popularity of newspapers among recipients. TV advertisement TV commercials combine word and image, Belarus which allows you to promote your products in many different ways.

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Television is a mass mdium that reaches the general public, not specific target groups. It is therefore an appropriate marketing channel for large, global brands that operate in various market segments. In addition, due to the greater popularity of television Egypt Mobile Database among the elderly, it is a perfect promotional tool in campaigns aimd at the generation of so-calld baby boomers. The disadvantages of advertising messages on TV are: high costs of production and broadcasting of advertising.

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Difficult reception and proper understanding of the advertisement due to the short duration of the spots, the ned to reserve airtime long before WS Phone List the actual broadcast of the advertisement. Advertising on the radio According to a survey conductd by the National Mdia Institute, almost 11.2 million households in Poland (77%) listen to the radio, which confirms the radio’s huge marketing potential.

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