We must be careful with all this type of strategic reasoning: How do our customers react to knowing that we manufacture the same product but cheaper for other sellers What would happen if we sold to other supermarkets at 1.5 euros per bar and they found out that we sell it to GOODIES cheaper Does it affect in any way the bargaining power.

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We have with our clients The tools that we teach our students to record accounting notes , make financial projections , prepare correct Belize Mobile Database reports may be the best; but we must always insist that you must be aware of the circumstances and characteristics of the business. And there is something that I never tire of repeating to the students.

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As Well As The Amount Of Network

You must use common sense Allow me to remind you and in future articles I will tell you more real cases the three questions that must always WS Phone List be aske as people who work for companies: What product service are we selling You would be surprise how many companies are unable to concretely answer this question. In which market are we competing.


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