Does not own the brand. this are deriv from the licensing agreements of comparable brands and adjust so that they are exactly in line with the brand being assess. What these brand valuation methods have in common All use the company’s (weight average cost of capital capitalization rate to calculate the discount future cash flows. thereby incorporating risks that have not yet taken into account future cash flows or useful life.

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In the calculation. In addition. when China Mobile Number Database determining cash flows.  reasonable long-term expect growth rate is us after a well-defin planning period. Furthermore. according to standard . the useful life of the brand must be estimat because possible cash flows beyond the useful life may not be includ in the brand valuation. When estimating the useful life. trends in the respective industry must also be taken into account. All cash flows must also be calculat after taxes. taking into account tax benefits associat with depreciation. If these tax benefits are relat. they must be calculat and account for separately. In the brand valuation report. it must be clear that the brand value includes tax benefits. Download List Market Price-Orient Procures.

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In market-price-orient procures.  of market prices paid for comparable transactions during the relevant time period. Possible synergies and strategic value WS Phone List when selling the brand should be consider here. Market prices at comparable stores must also be modifi using a multiplier to account for potential differences between brands. Comparable brands are those that have similar brand strength and comparable merchandise. as well as similar economic and legal situations. Also. it should be consider that this is a realistic estimate and can be realiz as a market price. Cost-Bas Approach In a cost-bas approach. brand valuation is bas on the cost invest in creating the brand or the cost incurr in replicating it. To this end. all costs shall.

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