Which today makes the brand essential both on the catwalks and in the wardrobes of parisian women. But also for artists of the caliber of victoria beckham. Gwyneth paltrow. Kate moss. Rachel weisz and alexa chung. Twenty-six years later. Isabel marant declar to madame figaro “my tastes have never chang. I adapt them to the times”. My tastes have never chang. I adapt them to the times”. – isabel marant what has chang. However. Is the size of the company. From a simple shop in paris. Isabel marant has open dozens of stores around the world. In the unit kingdom. Spain. The netherlands. The unit states and asia. But while on the one hand achieving success is always a positive factor.

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On the other we ask ourselves how brands manage to keep up with the very fast pace of their growth. Find out in our case study by isabel marant. Responding to international growth with a comprehensive mia monitoring strategy | case study isabel marant comprehensive international coverage isabel marant’s company was fac with a dilemma: how to keep track of the hundrs of daily mentions of the brand in print. Online and social networks around the world? “we manually track brand mentions in the mia. We bought and read thousands of Business database  magazines.” said maxime hodonou. Pr & showroom manager at isabel marant. All this soon prov impossible to manage and control. “

Opportunities From This Point of View and

we ne a tool to save time and simplify mia coverage monitoring.” this is why isabel marant’s pr team chose the launchmetrics discover cloud app . A simple way to bring together all brand-relat publications in one place: across print. Online mia and social networks. Understand the performance of their strategy “when I launch a collection. I look at what sells and what doesn’t. It’s like looking at  WS Phone List sales and profits. But the profits are real.” . Said the isabel marant designer in her interview with madame figaro. No entrepreneur can ignore results. And how they are calculat is a key factor in the success of any fashion brand. Isabel marant’s designer took advantage of it.

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