For other helpful tips for working with Drupal, see Caching Like a Pro: Best strategies for dealing with Drupal cache . Its author, Mariusz , will discuss the cache management classes built into Drupal 9, cache memory modules and solving common caching problems. Being part of the Drupal community gives developers many opportunities.

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Marcin Grabias will talk about the path from a local to a global Drupal developer and about the soft and technical skills ne to achieve UK Mobile Database this goal. Marcin Maruszewski, on the other hand , will explain how to easily contribute to the development of the Drupal system. Presentation How easy it is to become a Drupal “contributor” will answer the question of how to check existing patches or create your own. Business and PM: sales knowlge for developers and effective communication Do programmers ne to know sales techniques.

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The Sales acumen for Developers presentation , will explain why such skills can be beneficial for developers. The speaker will WS Phone List also teach them how to ask the right questions to customers. Once a new client is on board, we ne to put together an efficient team. Rafał Żebrowski , during the presentation How to program your team to be efficient , will share tips that will make the development team work properly. The author will prove that good communication is the key to achieving this goal.

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