In addition, we manage to be more precise in our marketing and sales actions Comments project leader Camilo Leles, digital. Marketing manager at Saint-Gobain The tool brings regionalize analyzes of accesses and interactions and the connecte stores receive evaluations. With our platform we map the availability of items in stores, including neighborhood retail. We make this information available within Google’s Company Profile, which in addition to bringing a digital presence to establishments and products, generates more demand from consumers with calls and trips to stores.

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Thus, we allow the execution of scaled trade marketing actions, in addition to enriching the loyalty between retail and industry, due to a collaboration that leverages results in all links”, comments Fernando Farias, CEO of Gofind. How can Gofind help your company Gofind has been helping big brands to stand out in the market. Thanks to our artificial Italy Business Email List intelligence platform that increases the flow of people Bruno the young in stores. A tool that maps and shows, in real time, the availability of products at the physical and digital points of sale of the brands that hire our solution . Enabling your company to manage and plan marketing, trade marketing and sales actions targeted at specific audiences and segmented by geographic location.

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Connecting your sales channels to offer a personalize and interactive platform, with a Product Locator Map that is integrate into. In addition, we offer full analytics. Valuable data that helps your company make smart strategic decisions. No Bruno the young technical involvement required from your tech team or data analysts. With the ‘ Local Commerce on Google ‘ module , we help industries to offer or improve the digital presence of WS Phone List retail customers of the brand. This happens thanks to our partnership with Google , which allows the creation and management of profiles. As well as content management and post automation. Since 2015 on the market, we have integrated brands such as Nestlé, Unilever, Heineken, Danone, Saint-Gobain and Bosch.Most leading brands in the market recognize the importance of carrying out data-driven strategic planning.

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