The product is the consumer, not in the past, but the era that nes to be customiz more specifically. CustomerUser Journey design is an important part. because if unable to draw process flow chart the origin of the products that we do I don’t know how to communicate anything. Where is the target audience? all that we have done It might collapse and fall on your feet. “Any business cannot survive without customers. acquiring new customers, but may not be equal to retaining old customers.” This word should answer the definition of Customer Experience very well.

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Therefore, keeping old customers Germany Mobile Database to stay with us for a long time. It is necessary to create a good all-in-one experience. It saves us a lot of marketing budget. It leads to the spread of good experiences from existing customers to new customers. with almost no budget It’s a marketing estimation. According to Bloomberg embracing consumer experience as part of their corporate strategy. Including a survey of Customer Management IQ Survey from executives who are involv in customer experience management, it was found that the importance of the customer experience to the business is the top priority for everyone.

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More than % show the importance of a promising consumer experience to modern businesses. Mainly Emotional According to a study by WS Phone List the Journal of Customer Research, more than % of experiences are emotional. that stimulate attitudes towards decision-making Customers become customers who are loyal to the brand (Loyalty) because they have an emotional attachment (Emotional Attach) that makes them feel and feel our products and services. If any business can create an emotional bond, it can generate up to % more sales opportunity compar to competitors.

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