In a digital age of influencer content and celebrity collaborations. It is essential for brands not to underestimate the power that other strategic voices can have in generating value. Without compromising marketing budgets on more expensive initiatives. In our “behind beauty” report publish at the end of 2019. We observ that although the majority of marketing investments were dicat to celebrity and influencer voices. Own mia actually obtain the largest share of roi . If you are thinking of planning an own mia strategy. Download our checklist to understand the different steps to consider when you want to leverage this voice.

Star of Baby (Produc by Netflix) and to

Approximately 50% of the brand’s total miv® on facebook comes from 4 regional accounts in france. Brazil. Spain and colombia. Although the global kérastase page generat the highest miv® (in terms of brand accounts). Looking at the miv® by placement of the different accounts it is quite interesting to note that brazil. France and colombia generatan average miv® per post of $11k through very few placements. The brand’s main account achiev a miv® of $6.7k per post. b2b email list  Demonstrating how the strategy of tailoring content to the consumer work.

Greta Ferro Alongside Margherita

Where a professional hairstylist explain to his followers the differences between babylights and micro-slices. This marketing tactic has been particularly successful in the haircare sector and has help generate trust among consumers who are increasingly aware of the type of products absorb by their skin and hair. Reach existing and new markets regional accounts allow older companies  WS Phone List to extend their reach to new and existing audiences in different markets. Kérastase. For example. Has manag to reach audiences in south america and spain by developing channels and accounts specific to these regions. With content design specifically for consumers there.

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