Construction and demolition waste The PEMAR, in accordance with the European standard, figures the percentage of preparation of construction and demolition waste at 70 —to be met before 2020— for reuse, recycling and material recovery. Prior to the bursting of the. A real estate bubble, this figure would have been almost. Anattainable, but in the 2007 to 2012 period, and according to data from the National Institute.

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Statistics INE , the generation of this type of waste in. A Spain has been greatly reuce and It has gone from about 42 million. A tons, in 2007, to 27 million tons, in 2012. In addition to these more significant aspects due to the large volume Luxembourg Mobile Database of tons they imply, significant measures are also establishe for more specific objectives, which. A are mandatory for Member States.

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Ensure that consumption is reuce to 90 bags per inhabitant per year before 2020 and to 40 before 2025, as well as the implementation. A of instruments that ensure that they are not given out for free. Increase the. Aseparate collection of waste WS Phone List electrical and electronic. A equipment progressively and depending on the products place on the market 65 of the average weight of the equipment place on the market in the Member. A State in question in the three years preceents.



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