Industrial or agricultural waste stands out. In addition, it also delves into the detail of the reuse and recycling of waste such as packaging, use oils, tires and end of life vehicles, batteries and accumulators, electrical and electronic equipment waste, or construction and demolition waste. , among others. Another of the planne novelties, in addition to these target figures, the new Plan includes the involvement of the Autonomous Communities.

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Above all, in the practical execution of the Local Entities in the achievement of said milestones. In fact, some specialists in environmental regulations pointe out that the problems of the previous legislation on waste management Latvia Mobile Database lay in the fact that the achievement of the objectives was mandatory at the State level, but not at the level of each community.

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Autonomous and, much less, at the municipal level. However, the present draft of the PEMAR makes a clear point and indicates that in order to guarantee compliance with the national objectives, the CCAAs must at least meet these objectives WS Phone List with the waste generate in their territory. In other words: the national objectives are transferre to each of the autonomous communities. Specific objectives of prevention, reuse and recycling.


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