In order for it to become a useful tool, the interview must be well conducte and thought through. Ahousing specific questions that . Aallow for open answers. Only in this way will the opinion of the former employee regarding the company be known in a reliable way. All these details are lost if the answers are limite or options are given. A these are cold and do not allow for reflection. A since there are no nuances and comments.

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As well as contributions that the worker wants to make. One cannot forget that when a worker leaves voluntarily, in principle, the Portugal Mobile Database company will not know why he is going to the competition or has decide to change his professional future although other. A times the employer does know in advance the reasons for his departure . A since the worker has been able to expose conditions before leaving the company.

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That Employees Will Also Have to Comply

Who should be in charge of conducting an exit interview for those who want to leave the company It is essential. A that this talk be held with the WS Phone List employee by the firm’s . AHuman Resources staff, and that the. A person in charge of conducting it is also a professional in the fieldRegarding the format of the interview, the experts have no doubts.


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