To maintain brand integrity, companies can provide the same information on the website, in the mobile application and in the paper catalog, and even integrate a click-and-collect system with a brick-and-mortar store. Mia and publishing houses A big challenge for mia and publishing companies today is to find solutions that will simplify the preparation of materials for offline and online publication.

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Using automation and data-driven. This applies not only to large publishing houses or smaller agencies cooperating with clients, but Romania Mobile Database also to companies that have internal specialists working, for example, on an online offer, paper catalogs or company brochures. Let’s take a look at how Pimcore can help in this case. Multi-channel and print publishing Pimcore is the right tool for multi-channel publishing.

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Automatically delivers product information to various output points (such as websites, mobile apps, and physical materials). For example, companies WS Phone List can easily publish the details of their products, such as books or magazines, on an e-commerce platform and at the same time use some of this data to prepare printouts. Pimcore allows you to export data to PDF files (in RGB and CMYK standards) and to office documents.

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