Thanks to this, you will be sure that your website will function as it should in all conditions. Once the deployment and testing phase is complete, it’s time to move on to the final step. Step 10. Restart the website It work! You’ve reach the end of your website resign. Take a moment now and enjoy it. You probably went through not only the different design phases throughout the project.

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Also the phases of denial, anger, negotiation, and finally acceptance. No one said it would be easy, so it is all the more important to Estonia Mobile Database appreciate this moment after implementation. The last step is to launch the website. This may lead to the situation that your website will be invisible for a short while. For this reason, it is worth planning its launch, at night, when there is the least traffic on the website.

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After launching the website, it’s a good idea to check that everything is working properly. Verify, among other things, whether all links WS Phone List take you to the correct places, whether placeholder text ( Lorem ipsum) or other undesirable messages are not display somewhere in the content. Resign of the website – summary Remember that proper preparation is the key to a well and painlessly conduct website resign.

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