From Simple Coffee Since the authorities consider that it is a problem of the defense of competition. It should be remembere that, if this type of practice is successful, the market will be monopolize, which translates into higher prices for consumers. In Europe, several companies were sanctione by the Courts for these preatory pricing policies among them Wanadoo , as they were considere to charge prices.

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Above their average costs. But they did not take into account whether the company incurre a loss, during the time that prices were below. Thus, it can be conclude that, in EuropeFrom Simple Coffee preventive policies are applie, in this aspect, because the Bangladesh Mobile Database monopolization of the market by preatory pricing strategies is avoide. In the Unite States, however, things are somewhat different.

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Since the decision of the Supreme Court on the Brooke case, in 1993, the existence of this strategy must be proven with respect to two aspects: That the WS Phone List prices indicate are lower than the average manufacturing costs, so the company incurs losses. That there is a recovery of benefits in the long term, after establishing the preatory prices.


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