That Use Such is convenient to analyze what happene , identify the source of the problem and propose measures for future occasions. It is important. A to continue monitoring the crisis once it has passe, as criticism or comments on the subjectSpain was, in the middle of the 20th century, a country that emits immigrants , but the structural changes. A in Spanish society have turne the country, since the end of the last century, into . A recipient of immigrants. The immigration policies, therefore, generate a special sensitivity. may continue to appear. What not to do in a reputation crisis Reputation crises happen quite often. With good management, they will be. A forgotten in a matter of days, but poor crisis management can have a very negative impact on the company’s reputation.

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Here are some bad practices to avoid: Silence: doing nothing about it will not just make the crisis pass. Staying silent and not communicating with users waiting for the storm to pass is a serious mistake. Take a long time to respond: social Morocco Mobile Database networks have made instant and two way communication between users and brands possible. Taking a long time to respond can aggravate a crisis situation, as it denotes a lack of interest or even arrogance on the part of the company.

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Contradictory messages. A Sending several messages that contradict each. A other or giving several versions of the same fact will make users distrust WS Phone List the company. An official version must be given. Deleting comments and blocking accounts: an apparent “solution” when we don’t like what is said about us, but that can turn against us if. A users see that we don’t care what they are saying. Criticism must be accepte and work to reuce it. Examples of good and bad practices in online reputation crisis management Poorly manage online reputation.


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