We work in a very old sector, such as the hospitality industry, and we do see a lot of room for change and improvement. With our App, some of the restaurants have also manag to be more productive. Is there a failure that you can tell us about, from which you have learn more? Every weekend there is an order that is not deliver in the conditions we want luckily we have a very low percentage of incidents and this makes us try to improve together with the restaurants and our couriers. We jointly review the protocols with hoteliers and riders , which helps us to have a transversal vision of the entire chain . Is there a book that you would like to recommend especially.Who took my cheese. It is a motivational book written by Spencer Johnson, and tells how to deal with change at work and in private life.

We try to solve and adapt

Although it was written more than twenty years ago, it is a very current book. who has taken my cheese Are you working on new projects? If so, could you Egypt Email List tell us something about them or give us some clue.At the moment, we are working on improving the application and making it even more intuitive and easy for the user. With consumer experiences, we try to solve and adapt the application. Could you give us a message for new entrepreneurs? Something that you would like to have known in your beginnings. The most important thing is to make a plan and try not to deviate from it . If something goes wrong, it is worth stopping and thinking again, without improvisations.

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The obligations to be able to undertake

Normally people don’t help to motivate, and when WS Phone List something starts to see the light. Everyone knew it and had thought about it An important part of the plan is economic. So you must advise yourself very well of all the obligations to be able to undertake. accepreneur Cristian Muñoz and Alex Giménez from Gentlecar January accessReading minutes accePreneurs vote Hope is the last thing you lose . With this saying we want to welcome our latest accePreneurs.

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