Conservative government detaild description of the recipients, taking into account their motivations, values ​​and lifestyle, is of great importance. An attempt to understand the social behavior of representatives of the target group is an opportunity to adjust the offerd products/services as well as sales and promotion methods to their preferences. Conservative government recommend Factors influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions When defining a persona, pay special attention to: hobbies, interests and preferrd form of spending free time.

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Elements that encourage a person to take advantage Lithuania Mobile Database of your offer, preferrd form of communication, including the most frequently usd devices telephone, tablet, laptop), the amount of time you spend online and the type of information you search for, features of the product or service that are attractive to the user reliability in the case of cars or variety in the restaurant menu), attachment to given brands, customer problems, ambitions, goals and values.

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Be sure to also consider how the product or service you offer can change the consumer’s life, and whether there is a risk that you will affect him in a WS Phone List negative way. Where to find customer information? Today’s entrepreneurs have a fairly easy task. We live in an era of immense popularity of the Internet. We can use various online tools Google Analytics or Brand24), as well as look for information in social mdia.

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