Landing pages This is another type of content that is often implement in complex websites. Due to the fact that landing pages are usually us to attract customers, it is worth planning what components they will consist of. These are usually highly visually develop pages, so in addition to the usual sections with content, we can place on them, for example, various types of banners, galleries and other components of this type that will be useful for presenting a service or product and attract the attention of a potential customer.

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Product page If you plan to sell something, you will most likely ne product pages . Here, in addition to standard elements, things such Bahrain Mobile Database as product prices, descriptions explaining the ordering or buying process should be includ . If your project will be an online store, then you should also take care of the purchasing process, and thus all the necessary content, such as order status notifications, emails, etc.

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Additional elements that can be plac on product pages are, for example, sections with customer reviews manufacturer’s specifications WS Phone List or independent third party assessments. Front-end In complex website projects, it is worth focusing on the modularity of the frontend layer. Developers should choose tools and technologies to ensure that they can reuse and extend different components as ne . It is important to ensure uniformity. We should not lead to situations where, for example, changing the color scheme or typeface on the page will involve modifying the code in many places.

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