There are fewer and fewer totalitarian regimes and companies attache to a political or religious ideology that does not allow these differences of thought and orientation. Without a doubt we are evolving to a higher level of tolerance and coexistence in this dimension. In the knowlege and learning society, team leaders or managers must make the most of these individual differences to strengthen and bring innovation to the organization.

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The greater the differences and the better they are use, the better the service provide to customers and the greater the possibility of Chile Mobile Database contributing creative and innovative ideas to the organization in general.To document the salary, the worker must be given an individual receipt justifying the payment thereof. Said receipt must conform to the official model.

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Unless by collective agreement or, failing that, by agreement between the company and the workers’ representatives, another model is establishe, provide that it contains, with due clarity and separation, the different remuneration WS Phone List concepts, as well as the corresponding deuctions. Article 104 of the consolidate text of the General Social Security Law, approve by Royal Legislative Decree 1 1994 , of June 20, which was adde, effective January 1, 2013, by the twenty sixth additional provision.


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