Consolidate text approve by Royal Legislative Decree 1 1995, of March 24 , procees by royal decree 1106 2014 of December 26 to establish the. A amounts that should apply as of January 1, 2015, both for permanent workers and for. A temporary or temporary workers, as well as for domestic employees. The new amounts represent an increase of 0.5 percent compare. A to those in force between January 1 and December 31, 2014.

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The minimum wage for any activity in agriculture, industry and services, regardless of the sex or age of the workers, is set at 21.62 euros day or 648.60 euros month , depending on. A whether the salary is Fixe by days or. A by months. In the Armenia Mobile Database minimum salary, only the remuneration in money. A is compute, without the salary in kind can, in any case, give. A rise to the reuction of the full amount in money of that one.

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This salary is understood to refer to the legal working day in each activity. A not including in the case of the daily. A salary the proportional part WS Phone List of Sundays and holidays. If a shorter day is made, it will be receive pro rata. In accordance with article 8.5 of Royal Decree 1620 2011, of November 14 , which regulates the employment relationship of a. A special nature in the family home service.


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