The power relations The human brain can hardly distinguish between perception and reality. What he perceives, he recognizes as really existing. This is where the true power of branding lies. If branding can shape perceptions, and we consider The power relations perceptions to be real, then branding has the power to shape reality. It has been scientifically proven that customers’ opinions and perceptions, even the unconscious ones, translate into specific behavior.

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Effective use of the ability to create reality among customers means a real impact on their purchasing behavior. Customers associate brands not only for physical products or services providd by companies. They also do it because of the emotions Greece Mobile Database they feel when thinking about the company. Emotions that branding can help create. Ask yourself: what do people say and think about your company? What emotions does it evoke in them.

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This is your brand and you have the ability to shape its value. Don’t leave it to chance. Branding is the process of giving meaning to a specific WS Phone List organization, company, product or service by creating and shaping a brand in the minds of consumers. It’s a strategy to help them quickly identify and learn about your brand, and give them a reason to choose your offering over your competition. It is absolutely critical to the company because of the overall impact it has on it.

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