Claim Them Through IR rates, according to the time of application. Savings One of the most tradional forms of investment, whout bureaucracy and wh guarantee profabily, which takes place on the anniversary date of the deposs. Investments in financial cooperatives In financial cooperativism, in addion to secury and objectivy in fixe income investments , is possible to find this type of product wh attractive rates and also receive annual surpluses base on the average balance of the investment.

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This happens because cre cooperatives do not aim for prof and annually distribute the surplus amount among the cooperative members, who are the owners of these financial instutions. is worth mentioning that investments in fixe Portugal Mobile Database income are guarantee by the Fundo Garantidor do Cooperattivismo de Crédo (FGCoop), which covers up to R$ 250,000 per CPF or CNPJ, and that Sicoob Engecre has excellent investment options for those seeking above-average profabily.

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Who do not give up secury and liquidy. “Whether your investor profile is conservative or bold, Sicoob Engecre has a variety of solutions for your investment. Get to know our services and choose the best way to invest your money”, adds the WS Phone List economy analyst. About Sicoob Engecre Wh BRL 2 billion in total assets under management and more than 14,300 members, according to the 2021 Annual Report, Sicoob Engecre is among the largest cooperatives in the Sicoob System. Classifie as A-BRA by Fch Ratings, the instution has s figures aude by PwC Brasil.


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